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Corobici River Float 

The Corobici River flows from the Tenorio Volcano and meanders 25 miles out to the Gulf of Nicoya. The river is bordered by a tropical forest where you will see towering trees like the Ceiba, Palm, Mahogany and our national tree, the Guanacaste. Iguanas – some up to 6 feet long -, Monkeys, Otters, Coatis, and the small harmless crocodiles, all make their home along the shores of the Corobicí.

This is a birdwatchers paradise! Aracaris, Parrots, Mot-mots, Cuckoos, Laughing Falcons, Kingfishers, Sun grebes, Egrets, Wood storks, Ospreys, Trogons, seven different species of herons including the boat billed heron, and the Jabiru have all been seen along the Corobici River. The tour on the Corobici River is very calm; it is classified class I-II.

The tourists do not have to row because our guides row the boat during the trip, you can just relax and enjoy the abundant wildlife on this river. There are several places to swim if you wish to. This is not a White-water Rafting Tour!

Do not forget to bring your bathing suit, camera, binoculars, sunscreen, and a hat. The tour includes a snack that is fresh fruit, juices, also cookies are included.

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